My Calcium Score

I had a scan done on Monday, and my score came out as a total of 17, most of it in my right coronary artery (my left was zero). This is in the bottom quartile, particularly for my age, but they still say I should get my cholesterol down to 200 (it’s currently about 240, with a good ratio and low tryglycerides, and has been for years) with medication, and cut out the saturated fat from my diet. What BS.

2 thoughts on “My Calcium Score”

  1. Investigate
    K2 supplemental, my doc has me on it to help this very thing
    L-Citrulline. Doc test showed artery stress (not elastic/Harding) in my lower extremities (upper ok). After taking L-Citrulline for a year, lower extremities now equal to upper.

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