5 thoughts on “The New U.S. Space Command”

  1. It’s a nice place holder for a true space force if a cheap reusable becomes available. They might have a risk appetite that allows using Starship to reposition troops quickly even if the risk is still on the order of one failure per four hundred launches.

  2. Reading the comments from the linked article removes any hope I have that this nation we’ll ever get a rational space policy supported by a large majority of the citizens. Where does sane public debate ever begin in such a politically toxic environment?

    1. I wish I could read the comments in The Hill article. It seems all comments there are closed to me. Odd, that. It seems to have happened this week on SpaceNews as well. Anyone know what’s happening??

  3. Peter Garretson your new pen name Rand? Reads like you wrote it.

    As per comments section: Hey it’s The Hill after all. How many innovations does one chalk up to politicians or politico junkies?

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