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  1. I watched one of his Conservative Party opponents complaining that by suspending parliament Boris was stopping parliament from doing its job, I thought that bizarre considering that on one very important matter parliament hasn’t been able to do its job (reach a decision) for 3 years.
    Democracy is the politics of compromise, on Brexit there can be no compromise, the Europeans insist on that.

    1. Parliament clearly sees its job here as stopping Brexit.

      All Boris is doing is giving them an extended vacation.

  2. I wonder how long the EU will last under its current constitution. A number of European countries have gone through several constitutions in living memory. Makes sense that EU with its many problems and conflicts of interest would also go that route.

    1. I honestly thought other nations would be dropping out, and had Germany at the top of my list. I think the only thing that’s slowed other nation’s consideration of exiting is the slowness of the British process. But once that’s accomplished, the landscape might change.

  3. I watched the transition from May to Johnson, originating from British television. Several times the commentators suggested Johnson would probably end up suspending Parliament before October. How “blindsided” can they be?

  4. “people who want to remain in thrall to unelected bureaucrats on the Continent” – I assume you’re making some sort of joke here. Obviously, the European Parliament is elected, and we had European elections a few months ago (I’m British, so I took part). The European Council and the Council of Ministers are composed of elected politicians from the member states. The European Commission is obviously not elected, as it is the supporting professional bureaucracy, equivalent to the Civil Service in the UK (not sure what this would be called in the USA).

    1. I was referring to the European Commission, which makes the rules and runs the lives of the Europeans. Here, it would be called the permanent bureaucracy, and it has become an unaccountable fourth branch of government. Though we will find out how unaccountable it is when Horowitz, Huber, and Durham complete their work, and who gets indicted.

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