13 thoughts on “Keto Cooking Problems”

  1. We often substitute minced oatmeal in recipes that call for breadcrumbs. Not perfect but better.

      1. Hrm… Upon further researching the keto friendly tortilla chips, they are made mostly out of almond flour, so that’s out.

  2. Soy flour isn’t a bad sub for almond flour.

    Sorry to hear you’re allergic to nuts, Rand. That does, though, explain why you don’t like the Democratic party. 🙂

  3. Robots still dream of Bread crumbs. Salmon forgiving. Throw with anything. Avo. Seeds. Eggs. Green stuff. Pepper. Lemon. Salt. Dill. Or Cut into crouton symbolic cubes and toss into mouth. I hungry now

  4. I realize that you didn’t have any, but we’ve been very happy with pork rind crumbs for frying. We’ve mostly done shrimp, but also crab cakes.

  5. Several people are allergic to nuts because they are allergic to gluten or something else. There are gluten free substitutes like quinoa, millet, or potatoes.

    I believe the author wants something which is like the nuts i.e. has hydrocarbons and fats. I propose something like potatoes with butter or olive oil.

  6. I use dessicated parmesan and romano cheese* for coatings (usually along with a milk/eggwash to make it stick, and some white pepper for added flavor). For non-keto, I find you can make decent breadcrumbs (and mir poix) from King Arthur gluten free bread and pizza mix (it does have to pass through the stage of being a loaf of bread first).

    * What I’ve heard some Brits disparrage as “shaky-shaky cheese,” but it has the property it gets crunchy, rather than melty.

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