4 thoughts on “Boris Shows The Steel”

  1. . . and Tory support doubles.

    Woah there, it’s their lead over Labour that’s doubled (from 3% to 7% in one poll), their support has only increased by 3 or 4% to 31%

  2. Listening to Scott Adams, I’m wondering if he’s on to something where voters ultimately are drawn to “energy” over any pretty much any other criteria when it comes to supporting leaders. Theresa May seemed to be about as exciting as a wet rag and was clearly not up to the challenge of negotiating on the UK’s behalf against the EU. Time will tell whether Brexit works for the UK, but at least Boris Johnson gives the appearance that he’ll be an active participant in the process rather than a hand wringing bystander.

    1. To paraphrase a certain Soviet dictator, “How many divisions does the German Chancellor have?” Maybe some number, but I hear they are badly equipped?

      What power does the French president have over England when the guy doesn’t seem to command the respect of his own citizens?

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