10 thoughts on “Craft Rums”

    1. Pusser’s is fabulous. But lately I’ve been drinking Gosling’s Dark.

      Usually in a Dark N’ Stormy

      I always talk like a pirate 😉

  1. “Papa’s Pilar” is pretty good stuff; a bit far on the goofy marketing/projection presentation, but either it’s good tasty rum, or that ‘look at our funky bottle and listen to our tale’ approach helps with appreciation.

    I’ve been drinking “Rhum Chauvet” lately. It’s quite tasty, and very, very cheap… here in Ho Chi Minh City. I think it evades some taxes by being 79 proof, but it comes in at less than ten bucks a liter. Bacardi is three or four times the price.

    Hard alcohol being my healthy alternative to beer, I make low-carb cocktails. Rum and ice. Two ingredients makes it a cocktail, right?

  2. “And vodka, which is distilled to not really taste like anything at all.”

    I beg to differ. Vodka, amazingly enough, has a very wide range of flavors – and I’m not talking about the “infused” stuff.

    One that has become popular of late is Tito’s, which I find undrinkable even in a heavily mixed drink. It’s made from corn. Potato derived vodka tastes different, and wheat derived even more so.

    Next time you are in DC, and have nothing to do the next day, go to the Russia House, right near the Washington Hilton. Get a flight of vodkas, and let the (very hot) Russian waitress make the selections for you (their vodka menu is extensive. One of my favorites is “The Tall Blond” from Estonia). It will amaze you how much variety there is in the taste – even when you’re hammered, as one of their flights (six two-ounce glasses) will guarantee you will be.

    It helps to have a room in the Washington Hilton, BTW. You’re within staggering distance.

  3. I spent the summer in PR back in 1970, where I was amazed to discover there was something other than Bacardi and Ron Rico. I could speak Spanish, so a friend from Mexico City and I spent a lot of our spare time drinking in roadside bars.

  4. Goslings’ definitely. Got hooked on it in Bermuda, along with the fish chowder and sherry peppers. Can’t stand Bacardi. Like drinking paint thinner.

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