2 thoughts on “The GOAT”

  1. I’ll take almost any opportunity to mention Vernor Vinge’s “Rainbows End”. It has rejuvenation as a fairly major plot element. He doesn’t get enough recognition for his cultural contributions to the concept of a Technological Singularity. There’s also a short story “Fast Times at Fairmont High” in the same universe as “Rainbows End”.

    1. IIRC correctly, Rainbows end was sort of nightmarish. It depicted a world where there was a loss of people’s personal autonomy and control over their environment. “No user serviceable parts within.”

      It gets less amusing the more we see technology used to disempower its users instead of empowering them. “Don’t run your own e-mail server”. “Don’t run your own server” “Don’t run your own computer”, “Don’t own your own house, car etc”, “Follow a convenience incentive gradient down into serfdom.” I rebel as I can against this trend.

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