8 thoughts on “The Divine Right Of The “Democratic” Party”

    1. You should try reading some of the links and not just here but every place you visit on the internet. Not only are you off base in your derpy comment but your derp is itself based on a lie. You obviously didn’t check the source material.

      If anyone should be upset over the conduct of the media, it’s Democrats. You guys are the ones being used and treated like gullible fools. You are their target audience. And that actually relates to the links in this post.

      What carefully crafted deceit will be used to manipulate the useful idiots of the Democrat party this election cycle? You guys even have to rig your own primaries because your scared of who Democrats will vote for.

  1. Indeed, Trump was chosen and Hillary was not. Nobody has called him the messiah; heck he’s on his third wife. Actually, it is the exact opposite; nobody cares that he’s not the messiah. When you look for your elected leaders to be messiah’s, you get socialist countries like North Korea.

    1. I’ve noticed a lot more “my leader is perfect in every way” from Democrats than from Republicans. Maybe that’s because there are more Democrats than Republicans here. Or maybe it’s something in the mindset.

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