Biological Age Reversal

Can it be done with a drug cocktail?

I’ve known Greg Fahy for decades, going back to Alcor days, when he was doing research on organ preservation for the Red Cross, but which would be applicable to cryonic suspension. He was in Rockville, MD back then, but he’s now in southern California. Unfortunately, it’s out in Riverside, so not particularly convenient to visit him.

4 thoughts on “Biological Age Reversal”

  1. It needs a different term, such as “aging rollback” or “youthening”. To me “age reversal” sounds like a parlor game. “I was 53 and now I’m 35!” “Yeah, but I was 48 and now I’m 84.”

  2. Netflix has a new documentary about this stuff. The process yses some sort of crystal to make the drug. Very interesting and revolutionary process.

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