7 thoughts on “Tropical Storm Lorena”

  1. I remember a few decades back there was a hurricane level storm coming for California. When it arrived it was more a standard rain storm than a hurricane. Also, when did they start naming tropical storms rather than full fledged hurricanes? Seems like a new thing to me.

        1. I meant since they started naming storms. I don’t think there’s ever been a time that they waited until they were hurricanes to name them.

          And I think it happened later than that. The 1935 Labor Day hurricane didn’t have a name.

          1. Here in northern Virginia we just suffered through Light Breeze Martha, and before that Slightly Above Seasonal Temperature Day Ned. I tell you, the end is nigh!

  2. Storms with names are more Climate-Changey than storms with numbers. Especially when you realize we’re in the middle of a Climate Crisis involving the most simultaneous storms since the antediluvean year 1992!

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