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  1. Willard is a chameleon. There is a Youtube where, when running for Ma Governor, he states he’s a progressive.

    Being a chameleon is not admirable.

    Not standing up to Candy Crowley when she was clearly helping Obama is not admirable

    Looking like a deer in the headlights when Obama chides Romney about his view of how dangerous the Rooshians are is not admirable.

    Romney is just a weak opportunist.

  2. Willard is representative of the deep state supporting rat-bastards on the Republican side of the fence. Hang them all.

  3. Romney would have been better than Obama but he was too stupid to stand up for himself then and too stupid to stand up for someone now who is getting treated worse than he was.

    1. Well, that’s one reason why I didn’t bother to vote for him. In one of the debates Romney made the point that he supported all of Obama’s policies, but that he would implement them “better” because he’s more experienced and qualified. I didn’t want a better execution of Obama’s policies, I wanted conservative policies. Those apparently weren’t on offer.

      The other reason I didn’t vote for Romney was that I already had the same impression that most Republicans now share, that of an arrogant self-important pander-weasel. He also struck me as, at best, a really good second-hand appliance salesman who would be great at late-night infomercials.

  4. When the choice was between Romney and Obama getting a second term, I made the easy decision to vote for Romney. His performance as a senator has been underwhelming. It’s up to the voters in Utah to decide whether he’ll get another term. Personally, I hope someone will challenge him in the primaries and defeat him.

    1. Well, my non-vote was perhaps a mistake, even though it wouldn’t have changed an electoral vote. Obama didn’t go full-bore on indefensible executive orders until his second term. Romney at least would have avoided that, although he likely would have done most of the same things that we hated, but with Republicans getting all the blame, even from grass roots conservatives.

      I think the other problem with a counter-factual Romney victory in 2012 is that Romney is an all-out globalist, and he might now be in his second term with no strong voice in either party standing up for keeping US jobs at home, or standing up to China instead of getting deeper in bed with them. Romney likely wouldn’t have a prayer of attracting blue-collar Democrats or anyone else because he’d be the archetype of an out-of-touch, country-club, post-nation-state, Wall Street outsourcing elite.

      George Will and Bill Crystal would have been delighted, but I’m not sure who else would.

      1. “George Will and Bill Crystal would have been delighted, but I’m not sure who else would.”

        You probably meant “Bill Kristol”. And yes they would have been delighted which is reason enough to be wary of Romney.

        I voted for him but only because he was the lesser of two evils. I had no illusions about where Obama would go and how awful he would be in his second term. I was proven correct.

  5. I voted for both McCain and Romney, but in hindsight I tend to think that both of them would actually have been worse than Obama.

    With Obama (as loathsome as he was), you got awful policies and bad attitude, but the blame went where it should go…to the Dems. McCain and Romney would have pushed most (if not almost all) of Obama’s more objectionable policies, but they would have dragged a goodly number of ‘loyal’ GOP members (who wouldn’t wish to submarine a Republican president) with them.

    Note: this says more about the character (or lack thereof) in these two men than the policies….

    1. A lot of the things Obama did were already beung worked on career government staff from local up to federal. Obama gave them the cover to move faster than their usual incremental approach but without Obama, the activism and march toward Marxism would have continued, even if at a more subdued pace.

  6. If Romney has fought Obama half as hard as he fights Trump, Trump would never have been President and Romney would be finishing his second term.

    Fuck Romney.

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