5 thoughts on “Frequent-Flyer Programs”

  1. I got an email from United saying the miles convert over and it looks like they do. I’ll be Gold with my flight home tomorrow, except I only have 3 legs with United, so no I’m not. So it is not just money spent by number of legs.

  2. I don’t fly enough (thankfully!) to be concerned about Premier status. However, I do use the United co-branded credit card to build up (a lot of) miles. Planning a big trip in 2021 (can’t book until next spring). Hopefully, I’ll still be able to book the trip. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see

    1. Actually, the credit card best explains United’s new approach. Instead of changing dollars to miles, they are just using dollars. I understand the fuss, but I’m not sure this is the worst thing United is doing. Then again, United has done a lot of dumb things, so the competition is stiff.

  3. I try to avoid the airlines when possible. The bugsmasher is slower but way more fun (as my wife said to me just before the power died to the radio stack and noise cancelling headphones about an hour out of Ceduna, South Australia with 4.5 hours to go. It came good after a few minutes and did it again about 6 times that flight. Traced later to a bad rivet in the power switch). Yep sure is more fun than Mr Qantas.
    The in flight meals and coffee are better too.
    I’m too chicken to fly single engine to New Zealand though even though the airplane is well capable of it.

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