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  1. What was Queen Isabella’s view on the new world? Why was King Ferdinand willing to finance the trip? What difference does it make why they want to colonize the solar system? Regan was credited with the quote, “I don’t care who gets credit for doing the right thing.” Or something similar. We’re going. That is what matters. Bezos, Musk, and others are willing to take the initial steps. Most will not follow. Most can’t. It does not matter. I am not capable of taking the first steps to the rest of the solar system, but I will try to trip anyone who thinks they should stop people who are willing to try. And if Bezos has to dress up like Jean-Luc Picard, then find him a tailor who can make the uniform. Godspeed gentlemen.

  2. I’m really not at all certain Bezos will ever achieve anything in space.
    The NASA like snail’s pace does not bode well.

  3. ” particularly with regard to the cheese-eating surrender monkey Picard.”
    “OK, having just skimmed the whole (long) thing”
    I skimmed 1/2 of long thing, it was boring. But earlier:
    “The danger, he says, “is not necessarily extinction,” but stasis: “We will have to stop growing, which I think is a very bad future.” While others might fret that climate change will soon make the planet uninhabitable, the billionaire wrings his hands over the prospects of diminished growth. ”
    Yeah. And it would be very boring- with war as the only entertainment {and a bad entertainment- worst than what Hollywood is currently degenerating into}.I never understand how sfi doesn’t include space- with Thor comics they sort of include it- but that aspect is still seriously lacking}.

    “We can have a trillion humans in the solar system, which means we’d have a thousand Mozarts and a thousand Einsteins. This would be an incredible civilization.”
    And maybe a few Jesus Christs and Shakespeares.

    “Yet a human hole remains in his presentation. Who will govern this new world? Who will write its laws? Who will decide which earthlings are admitted into the colonies? ”
    Could have a few dozen Trumps.
    As far admitted to colonies, though who want to work.
    Though they might have some “religious” requirements.
    I am toying with writing {probably not going to happen} where Martians require that only humans live on Mars {they want to preserve humans} and don’t want cyborgs and other kinds of lifeforms tolerated elsewhere. They also preserving all life that ever evolved on Earth {dinosaurs and etc}. Most people in space would living in Earth orbit, only few million live on Mars. And space aliens are coming to our system.

    1. The left are terrified that the right may be able to escape to places where the left can’t tell them what to do. Hence the concern about laws and rulers; they can’t conceive of a world without those things.

      This is why they oppose spaceflight whenever they can. Preventing it is their last chance of enslaving the entire human race.

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