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  1. The Trump presidency is the first to reveal a full-blown schism between the intelligence community and the White House.

    This sounds bad for the Trump presidency if one thinks of our “intelligence community” as pro American. But it is the opposite. After eight years of Obama-era leftists gaining control of power in this country, it is Donald Trump’s presidency that represents, supports, and promotes traditional American values–like the ones you and many of us grew up with. We have never seen this before because we had never before departed from our core values as much as we did during Obama. The Trump presidency is under attack because they are getting very close to exposing the corruption and anti-American activities questionable actions of those in the previous administration.

    Consider this: at a time not long ago, we were so concerned about an enemy that held values so contrary to ours, and considered such a threat to our way of life, that we felt we had to defend ourselves with hydrogen bombs. Then, in 2008 we just “gave them the keys to the car” and let that very threat take control of the highest powers in our nation. Today, we are seeing in the Trump presidency what may be the last chance of retaining all that we risked, stood for, and fought for in times past.

  2. The depth to which this has penetrated into American society is what worries me. It’s not just that its happening at the national level, but that it’s corrupted politics down to the bottom level:

    Here in Granville County, NC, we had an election for sherrif recently, the incumbent against a progressive challeger, a black woman who promised “community policing” and an end to “black incarceration,” among other things. Of course, she lost. Since then, word has come that the state bureau of investigation has wiretapped the sherrif and claims to have recordings of him trying to hire a hit man, target unknown. The local DA threatens to ask the state for a petition of impeachment. Then the sherrif is formally charged with two counts of “obstruction of justice.” He denies it, hired a lawyer, and the case is placed on the state court docket. Then the DA announces he and the sherrif have agreed the sherrif will “step aside” until the trial verdict. There is, of course, no mechanism by which the sherrif can take a leave of absense, but the Chief Deputy will take over until the verdict. Next comes the announcement the trial is off the docket because the sherrif’s lawyer is “too busy” to handle the case right now. Then its announced the sherrif will be paid his salary and benefits until “the SBI investigation is finished” at some unknown time. Finally, it is announced an “interim sherrif” will be selected by “county officials.” So the sherrif has been removed by an extra-legal process and his election overturned. My money is on his opponent magically getting the job, all in violation of state law.

    The NYT has picked up this story and combined selected details with a proposal that the office of elected sherrif be abolished nationwide because sherrifs have “too much power.” Really. Because they’re elected and only accountable to the people, unlike police chiefs hired by the state.

    My guess is, barring a miracle, we’ll have gulags within five years.

    1. My guess is, barring a miracle, we’ll have gulags within five years.

      Within two years if Trump does not win in 2020.

    2. The same newspaper just denounced Tulsi Gabbard as a white nationalist. She should request political asylum in a sane country while she still can.

  3. Gulags? We already have foreign rendition sites. I would not be surprised to see the military intervene at some point in this mess. If those generals are on the reform side, and not the MIC side, I would almost welcome it.

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