12 thoughts on “Elijah Cummings”

  1. In those tweets Yamiche Alcindor simply used 3 quotes from Trump, obviously to highlight the difference in tone. She did not “go nuts”, she did not express anger “at Trump for being respectful of Elijah Cummings”, nor did she “trash the man” [Trump]. All the accusations over the tweets are straw men.
    Sam J. is the one going nuts, making baseless claims to trash an ideological opponent.

    1. Alcindor had to reach back all the way to July to find the tweets she chose to highlight.

      That may not be going nuts, but it isn’t altogether rational either.

      1. And of corse, the media ignores what Cummings did initially to provoke the original Trump tweet. Trump didn’t attack him in a vacuum.

    2. Politicians have always said really harsh things about each other but then also acted with gracious civility to the same people they said harsh things of. I am not sure why Trump isn’t allowed to act as other politicians do.

      You think that a government propagandist would have a better grasp of politics,

        1. The lame stream media and most social media. Their actions (irrational condemnation of everything Trump) says it all.

  2. This is an amazing example of exactly what’s wrong with the body politic today. In the not so distant past politicians and the press harranged each other over what each body would say and do with respect to political situations. They mercilessly attacked each others ideas. That was a fair and healthy exchange of ideas. Now the object is personal and the viciousness is personal and painful. But like all abused and abusers we are all becoming acclimated to our new heights of awfulness. STOP

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