9 thoughts on “Drag”

  1. Especially when so-called “drag queens” are little more than cartoon characters of what real women look like and how they behave, worse than any “blackface” stereotype.

    And at what point does the Gay-Industrial Complex realize that “pride events” do little more than reinforce all the negative stereotypes of homosexual behavior being little more than being irresponsibly juvenile, demanding inordinate response, while treating each others as sex objects to be exploited?

  2. Because trannies are useful for undermining conventional sexual roles, and therefore, the nuclear family. Undermine the nuclear family, and society will tend towards a bigger (leftist) welfare state in a vain attempt to replace it. Blackface isn’t useful in that way.

  3. IMHO, drag is very acceptable, especially during atmospheric entry at interplanetary velocity – you either accept drag, or you’re doing to need one heck of a lot of propulsive delta-v.

  4. I lived in Durham, NC for 25 years. I predict the school board will eventually mandate that boys adopt the sitzpinkler pose when using the unisex bathroom, and to accommodate this, will further mandate boys be required to where dresses to school. Before that, I lived in Chapel Hill. My prediction is, Chapel Hill High School will soon mandate gender-reassignment surgery for all male students.

  5. As a Cubs fan, I am continually reminded of blackface by eye black, the grease paint players put under their eyes to reduce glare (though there’s no evidence it does). So when I see, for example, Anthony Rizzo (white) with eye black, it makes me think how funny it would be if Jason Heyward (black) should put white pancake makeup all over his face except for the two strips under his eyes.

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