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  1. Never Trumpism like climate change is always bad no matter the facts. Never Trumpists are essentially swamp rats whether they see it or not.

  2. I’m not a Trump fan, there’s too much about him that bothers me. For example, I’m a fiscal conservative, and thus I very much disprove of deficits, and Trump’s lack of action on them. I’d most likely answer “disaprove” if polled on whether or not I approve of him.

    However… that does not change the fact that the Democrats seem hell-bent on idiotic massive spending plans, such as the green raw deal and medicrap for all. So, while Trump does not exactly please me, what the Democrats have on offer is a thousand times worse.

    Sort of like having a hangnail, which can be irritating and a nuisance, vs. being set on fire. I’ll go for the hangnail, thank you very much.

    There’s also the little detail that Democrats are on their third full blown attempt to overturn the 2016 election, and the word for that is coup.

    So, though I’m not a Trump fan, I’ll certainly be supporting Trump in 2020. Also, to be honest, he’s turned out a heck of a lot better than I thought he would, back when I voted for him in 2016.

    1. The deficits are a huge problem. Everyone knows It. But what can be done?

      Trump doesn’t control the House and he knows that the same media outlets who write one story a week on how much money he spends will write multiple stories a day about each department affected by cuts and all of the specialists sites, like space nerd stuff, will as well. It would be endless Trump hates science and NASA, Trump is trying to kill children, Trump is racist, and on and on.

      The media always lies about the budget, even financial outlets. We have record tax revenue but the tax cuts are claimed to have reduced revenue. They never mention one of the biggest drivers in spending is paying off existing debt. The lies they would tell about any budget cuts would be very spectacular, emotionally manipulative, and poison at the polls.

      I don’t know how Trump feels about deficits. When the administration proposed teeny tiny cuts, people lost it, even people who know how serious a problem deficits are. No one thinks their thing needs a cut but the only way to cut spending is to cut everything.

      Since being responsible is harshly punished by our media and special interest groups, even space nerds, no one should expect Trump to do anything on the deficits unless he wins a second term.

      1. Deficits are pretty much irrelevant at this point, because the debt will never be paid off. And everyone knows it.

        Once interest rates rise, you’ll either get hyperinflation or debt default. There’s simply no other way out of such enormous and ever-growing debt.

        Particularly when many jobs are going to be automated away in the next decade or so, cutting into the tax base while increasing the demand for welfare.

        1. There is one way out: expand the economy faster than Congress can spend money. That’s where the space nerds come in.

          1. True. Maybe Musk and Bezos can create a massive new industry that would bring in enough money to pay it off.

            But it seems too far away to me… as I understand it, welfare will eat up the entire Federal budget in a few years at current growth rates.

  3. I’m not sure what animates NeverTrump thought leaders. They seem to spend all their time on twitter consuming DNC propaganda but choose not to read anything else. They are chronically uninformed about every issue.

    They could all use a twitter break, to take it upon themselves to find new sources of information, and to critically consume media rather than passively. But that’s too much work for people who get paid to be informed and opine on what they know.

    1. What you suggest Wodun? Watch Fox news prime time with Joe DiGenova and his wife Victoria in 1 segment, John Solomon in another and Rudy Giuliani in another. Only thing missing is a Fraud Guarantee sponsorship/ad and Demetri Firtash with his favorite translator segment.

  4. The deficits are a huge problem. Everyone knows It. But what can be done?

    When Trump had the House and Senate, Republicans didn’t seem interested in doing too much. Trump nearly shutdown the government to get a better spending deal before the 2018 election. In the past, the never Trumpers backed McCain, who famously left the campaign trail in 2008 to vote for President Bush’s bail out. So not much fiscal conservatism over there.

    I do agree that no matter how bad the Republican spending, it’s not as alarming as the socialist in the Democrat Party.

    I understand not liking Trump. What I don’t understand is the abandonment of various campaign planks simply because Trump is President. In the case of Bill Kristol; I no longer believed he abandoned such ideals because of Trump rather than he was lying all along.

  5. If it was Trump versus my ideal candidate he’d lose every time, but it will be Trump versus one of the clowns. No contest. A little reluctant in ’16, this time, not a microsecond.

    The only Republican that I can even think favorably of is Walker and he crapped out. I would only reluctantly vote for any of the other class of ’16. Is there going to be anyone better in ’24? Maybe someone with an actual idea or accomplishment beyond that he or she “deserves” to be President?

  6. A thought experiment for all conservatives here: is there a single Democrat politician that you would vote for over Trump?

    I guess I just don’t know enough Democrat politicians, because my answer would have to be no.

    1. At the national level? No…

      All of the moderate, or at least the ones I would think of as centrist, Democrats have retired or been cowed into submission. The current Democratic Party has little resemblance to the party that helped win the Cold War. All I see now are too left wing and/or corrupt to consider.

    2. I likely would have voted for Jim Webb in 2016, but there was simply no way TPTB in the Democrat party would let him win the nomination. Plus, the Democrat base was already in full flip out mode in 2016, so he wouldn’t have won the nomination unless the Democrat TPTB rigged it for him.

    3. I could flip that and ask is there a current nationally recognized Republican that you’d vote for other than Trump? I’m lucky that I get to vote for Trump and Dan Crenshaw, but then Crenshaw voted for the resolution condemning Trump for not protecting the Kurds the day before al Baghdadi was killed.

      1. That’s difficult to answer – there are some that would be a close call for me, but I’m not really a Republican:

        I strongly disagree with Trump’s stance on immigration (but do not believe it is racism). On the other hand, the current immigration quotas aren’t really that bad, I’d just prefer a more open system.

        I disagree with Trump on trade wars, though I can see some possible need for the China trade war.

        I love that Trump managed to push through the tax reforms that we needed to make the US competitive with the rest of the world.

        In my mind, that last one outweighs the first two, mainly because I believe a rising tide floats all boats (so the others will get better as the economy improves). So Trump’s track record is pretty strong. I like Mitt Romney, though, so he would be a contender (for me) if he ran against Trump.

  7. Trump alarms conservatism(TM) as he is outside the narrative, and unpredictable. Cold Corporate Conservatism is loyal to business and rate of return. People are only useful as production units, an looked down upon. Left and right fake culture wars are led by the same totalitarian impulse and the funded would be leaders are gatekeepers. This impulse has subverted public services to political, but in the long run genocidal strategies. Get your demographic rising (3++ kids) and take back your country from the tyrants. If you pulled out of the neocon wars a lot of that deficit would go away. Before we can blast off to space and run away we need to deal with the alien that has snuck on board.

  8. I sometimes wonder is Drudge is a never Trumper or is just hoping to stir things up enough to relive his glory days with Lewinsky and Clinton.

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