2 thoughts on “Julian Assange”

  1. Interesting read but who can say? This is all so convoluted that no one is ever going to get to actual truth on the matter, which is probably by design. I want people held accountable but in some ways, that also wont matter

    Our media wont report the truth. The audience wont accept the truth because it is the opposite of the fantasy world they live in. Even after Mueller debunked the Russian Collusion Dellusion, people in the press, and Democrats in general, act as if it never happened.

    CNN is now running articles based on Mueller interviews where they characterize things without quote or use quotes that characterize things without ever putting anything in context. They strip context to continue the game of conflating all the various ways Hillary’s emails entered the media into being Russian. Law suits from Judicial Watch, congressional requests, her private server, and public records requests, are all conflated with the stuff from Podesta and the DNC. This way when the Trump campaign talks about using emails, it always is related to Russia rather than the all the other email scandals that dogged Hillary.

    CNN also shows that Trump never worked with Russia, influenced any hacking, or even had any emails. But none of that matters. The Russian Collusion Dellusion must live on.

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