9 thoughts on “Oh. Well That Would Be Fun”

    1. They seem surprised that Republican congresspeople didn’t play along and that the public isn’t impressed.

  1. Sure Rand why not while we at it , lets bring in Guilliani with the understanding that no Attorney client privilege with Trump or any of the primaries, Trump, John Soloman, Sean Hannity, Joe Digenova (Same deal as Guilliani), Pompeo and Barr and just to cover all bases lets throw in Ivanka, Kushner and Trump Jr. Can also have Menendez, Leahy and Durbin testify too.

        1. He also doesn’t seem to understand how Mutually Assured Destruction works when the whole world isn’t the target.

        2. I know what a engineer is just fine.
          I suspect you have trouble with what attorney is if you think anything Guilliani was doing involving Ukraine and the Bidens counts as being legal consul.

      1. Cause Solomon is about eye ball deep in the “investigation” and seems to have a connection to every major player , and I will say seems to launder the documents for them. Giuliani, diGenova, Toensing and Hannity review and critiques his articles before publish. Joe diGenova and wife is not only his cited source and editors on occasion but are his lawyers and introduced him to the now indicted Lev Parnas. Lev Parnas was a key figure in the Solomon investigations often providing translations services and helping with interviews. In the end Trump wanted the Ukraine to publicly give credence and stamp of legitimacy to what Solomon was publishing.

        Hannity for most part for amplifying all parties messaging, and testimony seems to indicate Hannity larger involvment . Though in his case seems to be “qui cum canibus concumbunt cum pulicibus surgent” other than him being editor for Solomon columns.

        In the end just think of Hannity and Solomon as “political operatives with bylines”

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