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  1. I can’t remember who said it, but the proper description of them is not “elite” but “the Comfy Class”.

    They’re the same people who were with Louis XVI in 1788. They don’t face any personal adversity and believe they have a Divine Right to run (and ruin) everyone else’s life.

    1. The elite aren’t necessarily comfy though, it is a belief system where you too can be one of the superior people if you believe what they tell you to when they tell you to. It isn’t a unique situation but in this specific case, we can/should look at the implications related specifically to it.

  2. The article wasn’t very compelling for a paid writer, but I do agree with several points. I do think the GOP Senate is pathetic in not holding its own hearings, but perhaps they are busy doing other things that need be done. And yes, if by the end of the IG report and counter investigations; nobody from the FBI or DOJ go to jail; then there is a problem.

    I’m currently working through Lee Smith’s book, and I’d appreciate the stroking of Nunes’ ego if I could point to where Nunes actually held someone accountable rather than just saying they were. Because without action, all the other stuff is just meaningless words. And so too is an article (or even my comment post) complaining about it.

  3. Ask yourself: do you really think the halls of Congress are mostly populated with intelligent people? Or just functioning idiots? I’m kinda leaning towards the majority of them being functioning idiots.

    This is nearly a universal feeling and people should be asked this question whenever they want to put more power into the hands of government. Want Mitch McConnell telling your Dr what to do?

    When faith is gone, both of the spiritual and the political variety, what remains?

    And now you know why one party is invested in tearing down our institutions and that using them to abuse the populace creates a win win situation for them.

  4. “Ask yourself: do you really think the halls of Congress are mostly populated with intelligent people? Or just functioning idiots?”

    I go with the “functioning idiots” model, though without the “functioning” part.

  5. There is something terribly, deeply wrong in Washington, D.C. My karma always feels soiled just by being there. So I stopped going years ago and generally avoid anything having to do with the place. That place just ain’t right.

    Oh, and the distinction is that he is talking about ‘elitists’, not elites. As long as there is a strong sense of noblesse oblige, or ‘nobility obligates…’, then the elite aren’t so bad. But the looters and pillagers ravishing this country right now are just elite wannabes.

  6. This is a sincere question – can anyone tell me when Congress last passed a budget along with the accompanying appropriations legislation? All I hear about is one continuing resolution after another. While I’m at it, when was the last time they passed all of the budget legislation on time, you know, before the start of the new fiscal year?

    Congress seems to have unlimited time between vacations to conduct their political show trials, but seldom enough time to perform one of their most important functions.

  7. Y’all are missing a couple of important facts; 1. The speaker of the House decides who sits on which committee, and which bills go to which committee. 2. The Senate majority leader decides who sits on which committee and which bills go to which committee. Everything else in both houses is smoke.
    If you think Nancy and The Turtle don’t control what goes on in Congress, then I’d like to sell you a bridge. It’s a beautiful bridge spanning any river you want, and you can get it for a song.

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