8 thoughts on “Gun Control”

  1. Gun control laws are not about reducing shootings. They are about looking like you are doing something. Hence, it matters not at all that they are at best utterly ineffective, and it’s best to ignore troubling little facts like shootings being more common in areas with strict gun control.

    1. Gun control is also intended to make their perceived political opponents live under Jim Crow laws as punishment for not paying fealty to the Democrat party.

  2. “They are about looking like you are doing something.”
    That about sums up the vast majority of laws.
    I’ve come to the conclusion that government, from the politicians on down through the bureaucracy, is best thought of as a loose confederation of criminal gangs with shifting allegiances.

  3. What is not expressly permitted is FORBIDDEN.
    The goal is having to ask “Mommy, may I?” before doing anything.

    1. Exactly, these laws are made to further the concept of big government control over our personal lives. They just use mass shootings to try to get the emotional part of people’s brains to go along without thinking rationally.

  4. Every time one of these school shootings occurs, I vividly recall what had to be Rand’s most profound comment on any subject whatsoever: Teachers who can’t be trusted with firearms in the classroom can’t be trusted with the minds of our children.

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