Don’t Californicate us, bro!

We’ve been thinking about relocating there (we already have a house in Golden), but things like this really make us hesitate. I hope there’s a big backlash. I’m tempted to throw those who want Colorado to remain free some money to help compensate for all of the funds coming from here.

[Update a while later]

Why Kanye West is leaving California.

For us, the question isn’t whether, but where (and when) to go.

3 thoughts on “Colorado”

  1. I lived in Colorado for 27 years, leaving for good in 2012. There’s no way I would ever move back. I still have friends and family there so I visit about once a year. Each visit just reaffirms my decision to leave.

  2. I live in CO. Getting more expensive by the day, more and more people are moving here, traffic is terrible most of the day, and Polis is a hardcore lefty, and the fact that he got elected should tell you a lot about the place. If you are an outdoor sort of person it’s great for that, if not, I’m not sure there are advantages, maybe the climate is a draw.

  3. 26 year resident and we’re in the same position as you, getting out, still working on when (beyond “soon”) and where (warmer and lower taxes). I highly recommend you not include CO on your list as you’ll very quickly find yourself right back where you are now. Most of the states growth over the last decade has been in oil and gas, and with Polis’s election that is coming to a rapid conclusion. He is an absolute joke, and the spit-filled hatred his base has for anything related to resource development should be a clear and unequivocal indicator of where this state will be in the very near future.

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