2 thoughts on “Trumps “Progressive” Allies”

  1. Again, if you think that Ziegler (and I) claim that voters in Wisconsin are going to go into the voting booth next fall thinking about the Harvard-Yale game, you’re being silly.

    LOL! No, they’ll do it over a game at UMW.

  2. Olson-Kennedy: Well, I, I don’t advocate removal for breast tissue from young women. I advocate for chest reconstruction in young men.

    Odeneal: Well haven’t you referred girls to have the chest surgery from your clinic?

    Olson-Kennedy: They’re, they’re, they’re not girls. They’re not girls. They don’t identify as girls. So I have referred people who identify as transmasculine or as boys or young men for surgery, yes.

    Related: a hilarious account of experience as a simulated patient. (includes a Seinfeld clip, which really isn’t on the same comedy level as the article itself)

    According to the script, I was a non-binary LGBT activist demanding that the clinic washrooms be gender neutral. As my instructions read, the “enlightened applicant” would find a solution to my complaint—whether by removing the Men/Women designations or putting tape over the signs. They would also apologize, and work with me to make the office more “inclusive.”

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