Climate Alarmism

How it hurts us all.

Frightening kids with this unscientific nonsense is one more form of child abuse in government schools. And Greta T is the poster child for it.

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The UN’s “woke” climate-change propaganda is an insult to science.

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6 thoughts on “Climate Alarmism”

  1. “German” science claimed that Einstein’s theories were a Jewish plot.

    Lysenko’s CPUSSR science created famines in the Soviet Union.

    Just two of the previous instances when science was mixed with politics. This will not end well, especially for real science.

  2. The video was of a July talk given to school children as young as 10 years old by Read, who began by climbing on top of a desk at the front of a large classroom at University College London.

    Next October will mark the 10-year anniversary of the 10:10 video. Looks like some of these nutjobs are feeling nostalgic.

  3. Related. I recently read about the passing of Clive James. From a comment on Dr. Curry’s latest, here he is from December of 2017. It’s a long read, but absolutely dead on. And wow could he write.

    I myself prefer to blame mankind’s inherent capacity for raising opportunism to a principle: the enabling condition for fascism in all its varieties, and often an imperative mind-set among high end frauds. On behalf of the UN, Maurice Strong, the first man to raise big money for climate justice, found slightly under a million dollars of it sticking to his fingers, and hid out in China for the rest of his life – a clear sign of his guilty knowledge that he had pinched it. Later operators lack even the guilt. They just collect the money, like the Prime Minister of Tuvalu, who has probably guessed by now that the sea isn’t going to rise by so much as an inch; but he still wants, for his supposedly threatened atoll, a share of the free cash, and especially because the question has changed. It used to be: how will we cope when the disaster comes? The question now is: how will we cope if it does not?

    1. There’s good money to be made in the gloom and doom racket. Al Gore got very wealthy from scaring people with bogus messages.

  4. Well, I think Greta presents the world with a teachable moment about diagnosing fetal alcohol syndrome and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. All they have to do is label her distinctive facial features because she doesn’t lack a single diagnostic criterion. Yet it also would give parents hope because despite the odds, she’s living the high life.

    1. Well, parents of girls, anyway, because no woman is so crazy there isn’t a man somewhere who will be glad to look after her.

      (I have a son who was diagnosed with Asberger’s back in the day when that was the main thing. And, at the time, I ran through the diagnostic tests myself and discovered I was supposed to be farther down the spectrum disorder curve than he was. Since I’ve been married 3 times…)

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