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  1. It seems the IG report is another Comey. It notes abuse of the FISA process but no intent to be abusive. So the FBI made false statements to obtain a warrant but supposedly didn’t intend to make false statements, even thought they also had the evidence that the statements were false and didn’t share that evidence as the law requires. Oops, but nothing to go to jail over unless you are the target of the warrant. Is that it, IG Horowitz?

    1. It sure would be nice if the IG held the FBI to the same standards that the FBI held innocent people to.

      1. “Justice Department officials insisted to Horowitz that they choose not to interview campaign officials because they were unsure if the campaign was compromised and did not want to tip off the Russians. However, the inspector general report says the Russians were directly told about the allegations repeatedly by then CIA Director John Brennan and, ultimately, President Obama. So the Russians were informed, but no one contacted the Trump campaign so as not to inform the Russians?”


      2. Yeah, there are others as well. Hell, they could have really saved paper by just going with “Zey”.
        I’m reminded of a friends experience in Marine Corps basic training from long ago, when he mistakenly used the word “you” in conversing with a drill instructor. “You, YOU! What the fuck are you calling me, a female sheep? You goddamn pervert, bends and thrusts, begin!”

  2. Try this on for size everyone:

    “Christopher Steele said he was ‘friendly’ with Ivanka Trump for years”

    Christopher Steele, the former British spy who compiled a controversial dossier on President Donald Trump, told investigators it was “ridiculous” to think he was biased against Trump because he had “been friendly” with Ivanka Trump, the President’s daughter. CNN’s Chris Cuomo discusses with former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe and former FBI General Counsel Jim Baker.


    Here’s a rebuttal in comments:

    “Let’s see…Christopher Steele is/was a spy right? Former MI6 agent…so it wouldn’t exactly be inconceivable he would exploit (if not outright intentionally cultivate) a personal relationship (sexually intimate or otherwise) with someone (Ivanka) very close to a target (Trump) he was trying to dig up dirt on. That type of manipulative/exploitive behavior (spy slang term “honeypot”) would be second nature to a trained undercover operative wouldn’t it?”

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