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  1. The other day I mentioned The X Files season 1, episode 14, “Gender Bender”, summarized as

    A series of identical sexual murders, where the killer appears to be both male and female, draw Mulder and Scully to an Amish-type community of people who may be of alien origin, leading to the discovery of a man who can change sex.

    The “man” of course turned out to be an alien shape shifter. What’s telling is that the episode aired in January, 1994, and both Mulder and Scully rejected the idea of someone who could transition back and forth between male and female because the idea was ludicrous.

    These are the same two who were convinced of alien abductions, demonic possession, ghosts, intelligent oil, and government conspiracies to make alien-human hybrids. All of those possibilities were okay, but transgenderism was simply wacko, impossible, can’t physically happen.

    Was there some scientific revolution between 1994 and today? Nope. But in X Files terms, it’s perfectly plausible that there was a hidden cabal of secret government conspirators determined to sow chaos and overthrow human society.

    I think this X Files angle might be worth a try, to see if it can make a dent in at least a few thick skulls. “You realize you wholly believe in something that Mulder and Scully flatly rejected as physically impossible, don’t you?”

    1. The X-Files approach misses the point. Transgendersism is a product of the belief that sex and gender are two different things – a state of biology and a state of mind, respectively – that are not necessarily related to one another. Psychiatric radicalism defines gender as a social construct, how one subjectively identifies.

      For the sheer entertainment value, I’d like to see someone come up with a rationale based on evolutionary psychology to explain the emergence of a psychological orientation that increases barriers to mate selection.

      1. Well, one recent study said that various cannabis compounds seem involved in male fetal brain development, so perhaps over the past few decades too many moms have been smoking way too much weed.

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