8 thoughts on “A.G. Barr”

  1. Our media are trash. One could suspend disbelief and think they made/make honest mistakes but the way they react to being proven wrong by reality over and over and over shows they operate in bad faith as a matter of business. Of course, since they knowingly and willingly participated in a coup, they have no choice but to dig the hole deeper. They have nothing else to lose.

    1. Well you can’t slander the state. But Trump could impose at 500% tariff on Canadian newsprint. The Post and NYT could then publish their articles about court hearing to challenge the tariffs, just before they go broke or move solely to on-line where the millennials don’t pay for subscriptions.

      1. Is that the flip side to the adage, “Don’t get into an argument with someone who buys ink by the barrel.”

        What that meant was that a public figure always had to make nice with the local newspaper editor, whose volume ink purchases influenced a large number of other people.

        So don’t pick a fight with someone who by Executive Order can make those barrels of ink a whole lot more expensive to purchase?

        1. You are mistaking a move to prevent climate change by saving the trees for a political tit for tat… 😉

  2. Sorry, I don’t buy that Barr is the adult in the room. He after all wasted a press conference bashing Apple for having a cell phone so secure the FBI can’t unlock it. That’s great free advertising for Apple!

  3. Yep, indictments are coming any day now… Any day. This is called running out the clock, in case none of you have seen this particular act before.

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