9 thoughts on “Bloomberg’s Campaign Tweets”

  1. Well you can’t say Mike Bloomberg doesn’t get into the meat of the issues in this campaign.

    Maybe we should forgo the general election debates and just host twitter-fests instead? I’m in…

  2. Coke Nazi will never even come close in the primaries. He’s just pissing away money he doesn’t even need.

  3. Sounds like the same wiz kids who told Bill Clinton (a guy who beat an incumbent president who had just won a war) that trying to get Hillary to appeal to white working class males was a loosing campaign strategy. So young, so smart, so clueless.

  4. I think someone just heard that Trump wins by using twitter looking crazy, and thought they could do just as well. I don’t think Dems actually understand why people “like” Trump.

    “Like” because there are far more that vote Trump than like Trump. Which the Dems also do not understand.

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