3 thoughts on “My Reason Article”

  1. Apparently the thoughts are innumerate. No, cheap space flight won’t repeal the laws of economics, but it might change relative prices of things eventually.

    1. Yes. What he describes as a future of plenty won’t change human nature. Heck, we have that future of plenty right now; the poorest people in North America live better than any king did 100 years ago. That plenty hasn’t stopped people from saying “mine!”

  2. Attempts at socialism and collectivism will follow man into space. It always follows man on any exploration. Plymouth and Jamestown in the early days of America come to mind. Someone has to be in charge. Sometimes those people are control freaks who believe they can control other’s thoughts and actions. When that doesn’t work, then individual creativity must be unleashed, at least in part of these new worlds, so everyone can at least survive.
    You can attempt to overcome human nature, but it always rears its head. Always. It may take a while, but it will. My guess is earthbound control of those in space will last until someone in high orbit figures out how much damage they can do with a mark 1 mod 0 rock dropped on his masters head. From orbit.

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