Feeling The Stalinist Bern

[Wednesday-morning update]

Why are Bernie Bros so violent?

Seems pretty simple to me; they’re leftists.

[January 21st update]

Thoughts from Bob Zimmerman on the latest shoe to drop.

What’s hilarious is the poo-pooing by Democrats that this is just an isolated incident, when O’Keefe has made it very clear that there’s plenty more where these came from.


17 thoughts on “Feeling The Stalinist Bern”

  1. Well, the guy said that’s the plan with free education. The Democrats already control the schools and use them as indoctrination centers to brainwash kids.

    Most Democrats don’t know what their own party is doing or what the real goals are for the Progressive Marxists that control the party.

      1. If Beria Bernie wins, and these creatures are let out of the asylum, I hope they’re lined up in front of a ditch by people other than commissars.

        1. Also, the Glorious Revolution of 1688 was called glorious because it was largely bloodless, a fact that the 19th century British would like to endlessly taunt their French counterparts about.

  2. Really, 100+ million deaths isn’t enough. The gods of Utopia require many more human sacrifices before they will bestow their bounty on the true believers. All it takes is the right people being put in charge.

      1. There’s a reason why the Russian communists and authoritarians called american communists “Useful idiots”.

        Bernie would be considered one of those idiots.

  3. Has this been getting any coverage on the network or cable news? Newspaper coverage? If Trump’s campaign staff were caught on tape talking about executions and prison camps, it would be wall to wall coverage till the end if time.

    Didn’t the first one drop before the last debate? And the first amendment warriors that protect democracy and serve as independant moderators didn’t ask a single question did they? I didn’t watch any so I dont know.

    1. I searched CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NPR. All but NPR have no mention of Project Veritas after their sting on WaPo fell apart. They only report negative news about PV. NPR had a story up when PV got the tape of the reporter who ranted about ABC killing her Epstein story but even then, the later half of the article was an attack against PV.

  4. I suppose it’s possible for any campaign organization to attract a few nuts and crazies.

    But what’s telling, and terrifying, about these commie kooks is the silence and complicity of the Sanders campaign. A silence that speaks volumes. And what may be even more troubling is the complicit silence of the establishment Press.

    1. Sanders would have won the 2016 primary if it wasn’t rigged. How many millions of Democrats think the same way as the people in the videos? I’ve met quite a few in my life.

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