13 thoughts on “Greta In Davos”

  1. Unlike St.Greta the Green, I can say, “at least I dropped out from the best.” And it was to take a job there at the University of Chicago hospitals doing computer programming.

  2. The self-described “elites” are all in for climate change because they believe things like carbon trading will benefit them greatly. Always follow the money and you’ll seldom be wrong about their motivations.

    “Elites” – they keep using that word, but it doesn’t mean what they think it means.

    1. Bingo, and they’re using Scoldilocks as a shield, since only a complete lout would attack a child (except if he’s wearing a red hat or something….).

  3. My take is climate alarmism is losing the long term fight. Thunberg is the Joan of Arc, one of the last desperate attempts. They tried arguing with the appearance of rationality. They tried scaring us. Now it’s religion. I suspect the message will fall flat with most of the world because of its myopia – she’s scolding people for making the world a better place.

  4. Speaking of shrill, The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists have moved their Doomsday Clock ahead to 100 seconds before midnight. Of note: they are now folding the Climate Crisis in with Thermonuclear War. Silly me, I didn’t know Climate Science was so closely related to Atomic Science. And here I was, relying on nuclear winter to solve the climate crisis.

    1. I used to be “an Atomic Scientist”, around the time I dropped out. Sent in my ten bucks for one year and got their magazine, which seemed to be obsessed with something called “Pugwash.”

      That clock of theirs is relativistic. The closer it gets to midnight, the slower it runs. It will never reach midnight.

    2. I can’t help but imagine The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists as a fan magazine for an old movie serial in the manner of Commando Cody or ST:VOY‘s Captain Proton.

      1. Complete with ads in the back offering customization parts for your Hit Rod Lincoln and other items of interest to Lost Planet Airmen…

  5. I understand why there are scare quotes around elites but in this case, they are the societal elite. Being part of the societal elite isn’t determined by education, accomplishment, or bank account. It is determined by ideology. Holding these beliefs allows both the super rich and the super poor to feel good about themselves.

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