Trump’s SOU Speech

Hit all the right notes.

And the Democrats (particularly Queen Nancy) looked churlish. They know they’ve lost.

[Update a while later]

It was the most muscular, consequential State of the Union in years.

[Update a while more later]

Nancy Pelosi is tearing apart America. She gets a lot of help from her fellow Democrats.

[Update early afternoon]

“I’ll never vote Democrat again.”

It strikes me that this was the classiest speech Trump has ever given, considering that he didn’t even mention either impeachment or Iowa. It was all positive, with no political attacks. Which made Pelosi’s (and the Democrats in general) behavior all the more egregious.

It will be interesting to see what his poll numbers look like next week.

13 thoughts on “Trump’s SOU Speech”

  1. See comments at the end of Schiff’s Creek. Pelosi just gave Karl Rove and the Republicans the video of this election cycle. Expect to see a lot of paper ripping political ads this fall.

  2. On what planet was this stupid stunt by this Cupid stunt considered a tactically sound idea!?!

    Congratulations Nazi Pelosi, you just helped Trump accomplish the one thing he couldn’t do for himself. You just made him the adult in the room.

    1. And if they want, either McConnell or Trump can have fun ripping up a few House bills she manages to pass, with the message that her leadership won’t get a single thing accomplished because she can’t work with anybody.

    2. “Congratulations Nazi Pelosi, you just helped Trump accomplish the one thing he couldn’t do for himself.”

      Were you not watching the same speech I watched?

      1. I am looking for something akin to the Zapruder file, where we can do a frame-by-frame analysis as to the relative timing of when the Speaker thrust her hand out and when the President turned to face the audience.

        I think that even the handshake offer was a setup.

        My question to the Speaker is, “You state that the speech was filled with lies and that is why you tore it up. Were Mr. Trump to have responded to your handshake, would the speech have been still filled with lies prompting you to tear it up?”

        1. To be a little fair, she put out her hand last year, Trump saw it then, and he shook it and then shook Pence’s hand. But that was 2019. In 2018, Trump just handed his speech to Ryan and Pence and turned back around, just like 2020. Whatever the case, the word ‘petulant’ describes Pelosi’s behavior.

  3. Pre-ripping the speech means that not only was it planned but that she had to practice it to find out that she can’t rip paper unless it already has a tear in it. How many times did she practice? Did she go to the White House printing office to get samples of the paper?

    Carefully crafted deceits and the DNC media and their voters eat it up, even when they know its a lie.

  4. I didn’t watch the SOTU. Did Trump really cheerlead NASA and manned space exploration during his SOTU? When was the last time a President ever did so?

    Trump is a wild card, with chaos aplenty. But he also continues to deliver these pleasant surprises too.

  5. According to CBS News (not a Trump-friendly outlet) the speech approval numbers were 82% – of Independents (!). 97% of Republicans, and 30% of Democrats.

    And Nancy Pelosi tore it up. Great move, if your goal is to piss off 75% of voters.

  6. I thought the speech was magnificent. It was filled with one genuinely moving moment after another, from the awarding a scholarship to a 4th grade girl stuck in a third-rate government school to the promotions of a 100 year old Tuskegee airman (veteran of WW-II, Korea, and Vietnam) to brigadier general to the reuniting of an Army sergeant long overseas with his family to the awarding of the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh. Every one of these moments was incredibly emotional, and every one made me proud of my country and my President.

    President Trump was “presidential,” but didn’t deviate from his established demeanor as “one of us.” The Democrats were quite obviously not “us.” The left-wing women wore white robes – they evidently had to check their pointed hoods before coming in, but kept up the Democrat spirit by not applauding any positive news on minority progress. (I have to say, though, that even some of them couldn’t resist applauding things I thought no Dem would applaud)

    The end of the address was just beautiful and inspiring. It’s simply impossible for me to imagine what was going through Pelosi’s “mind” when she tore up her copy – unless she’s secretly on the payroll of the RNC.


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