4 thoughts on “Reconsidering Roger Stone”

  1. A flip flopping Partisan hack on delicious Chicken Sandwiches. calling other people hacks is rich. How bout the opinion of someone who dealt with these prosecutors.
    Rand so who do you have the more sads for Roger Stone, or these prosecutors?

    The prosecutors followed the guidelines if you don’t like the result then get the guidelines change. They had memo to
    “First, it is a core principle that prosecutors should charge and pursue the most serious, readily provable offenses. ….

    There will be circumstances in which good judgment would lead a prosecutor to conclude that a strict application of the above charging policy is not warranted. In that case, prosecutors should carefully consider whether an exception may be justified. Consistent with longstanding Department of Justice policy, any decision to vary from the policy must be approved by a United States Attorney or Assistant Attorney General, or a supervisor designated by the United States Attorney or Assistant Attorney General, and the reasons must be documented in the file . ”
    So consulting higher up not required they were following the memo.

    In the end this is clearly Trump and his political appointees seeking to corrupt the justice system to help protect and be easy his friends and punish his enemies.
    Ken White hasn’t seen a case where the fed intervene in such way. I’m sure he could cite numerous cases where the book was thrown at someone.

    1. Murderers get shorter sentences and the DOJ officials envolved in this case lied repeatedly. Let’s not forget, the SC knew on day 1 that there was no Russian Collusion because they had been spying on the Trump campaign in real time. The SC choose to set process traps and drag out the investigation rather than just tell everyone the truth, that there was no collusion.

      1. The impression I get about Mr. Flynn is that he is a Boy Scout. OK, he is a general, but he is the kind of general who goes by the Army Field Manual instead of scrounging, improvising or otherwise bending the rules.

        The impression I get about Mr. Stone is that he is a wingnut who if he isn’t making stuff up, is exaggerating. He was making himself the center of attention by talking trash about e-mails and Wikileaks and Russia and the like, people took what he was saying seriously and then threw him in jail for “lying.”

        This guy Jerry Corsi is also caught up in the Roger Stone affair. Mr. Corsi is another wingnut who talks conspiracy theories.

        I regard Mr. Stone’s case as a First Amendment problem. If a wingnut, or a moonbeam or a Michael Moore for all that matters, cannot engage in rambling speculation about the Conspiracy in Washington or the Conspiracy in the Corporate Boardroom, the authorities will eventually shut down Rand and his fine Web site. When you think of it, the “authorities” are trying hard to shut down Rand over some hyperbolic exaggeration that constitutes political speech, which is exactly what the Founders intended to be protected.

        This business of “lies on Facebook” is in the same category.

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