4 thoughts on “China”

  1. I wonder if it is possible to repudiate specific T-bills by serial number, such as all those known to have been sold to the CCP.

  2. Doug, I’ve heard that is true.

    As we bring industry back home and rebuild the economy I hope to see that ALL Chinese investments in the US are banned. Screw them.

  3. I’m selling traditional Asian goods to the otaku market at anime cons (assuming they still happen, which is getting more uncertain as things go on), and I’m trying to avoid sourcing merchandise from the PRC from now on. I’ve got several possible platforms for getting stuff from India, and am researching similar ones for trading with businesses in Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea.

    Sarah Hoyt’s right. We cannot have free trade with unfree countries, because we can’t trust them.

  4. I’ve never had any use for the UN World Court, but I wonder if it would be reasonable to sue China for damages? I bet we could literally cancel out our national debt, which is held in large amount by China.
    Of course they’re kind of down on their luck right now; we could be reasonable about a payment plan.

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