The Restaurant Business

I’ve never been a big patron of restaurants, both for reasons of cost and health (plus I hate being waited on and having to tip for it), but I’m glad that people who were are trying to help with gift cards.

[Update a few minutes later]

I should note, here or someplace, that so far this has barely affected my lifestyle at all. I rarely go out to eat, and am generally a hermit when I’m not traveling.

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  1. I’ve been wondering today whether the restaurant business will recover. On one hand, Americans can’t or won’t cook for themselves. On the other hand, Americans will have less money to spend. On the gripping hand, Americans fear death.

  2. I too eat out mainly when I travel – and half the time, not even then. I really, really don’t like being waited on, so I tend to go to places that are of the self-serve kind. I like the gift card idea, a lot.

    Right now, the virus is causing a lot of restaurants to shift over to take out. Delivery services like doordash and such are making bank. None of those are any option for me (I’m in a rural area), but for those that are in their service areas, I see them as a very useful thing.

    I’m not too worried, yet, about the long term economic impact on the country in general. If this thing drags on for too long, though – that changes. I’m far more concerned that we’ll do massive economic damage via electing a Democrat in November; their energy policy alone would do far more damage to America than this virus is.

  3. We’re like you Rand, work at home, avoid restaurants for the last 5 years after my wife got onto the low carb/avoid cooking in vegetable oils thing. Not fanatic about avoiding restaurants but generally only go when traveling.

  4. Kat and I went out to our favorite Italian restaurant, Bella Vita in Manassas, VA, last Friday just to give them our business. They’re one of the few places outside of St. Louis, MO that serve toasted ravioli, and theirs is absolutely top-notch.

    We were delighted when the place filled up completely. I hope that the trend keeps up, because it’s a great place – and I don’t think it’s a “hot zone.”

    I have been doing some grocery shopping this week, and the weirdest thing is that (aside from bleach, which is impossible to find) the thing grocery stores are out of completely is meat. Meat. WTF?

  5. I love to eat in restaurants and I go there to get things I can’t or won’t (too complex and/or takes too long and/or uses ingredients I can’t find) make myself.
    I liek the experience. I have several restaurans where they know me and that makes the experience so much better.

    I was introduced to Brenne Whiskey (Awesome French whiskey – like Scotchonly French) by the bartender of one resto I frequent a lot. He gave me a glass of it for free just to try it. That’s what you can get from tipping, btw. It isn’t expensive as whiskey goes. It’s fabulous.

    I don’t get that cooped up in my house..never heard of Brenne, never even know the French made a good whiskey.

    I’ve laid off of going to restos now, of course, because of the virus. When it subsides I’ll be back there.

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