NASA’s Latest Excuse

SLS will be further delayed by the virus.

But they’ll continue to be paid, so the overruns will just be higher.

[Late-afternoon update]

I wish that publications wouldn’t report this as a fact: “The Space Launch System is a powerful deep space rocket to transport astronauts to the Moon and beyond while Orion is the crew module.”

At least say that “NASA claims that…”

6 thoughts on “NASA’s Latest Excuse”

  1. I’m not sure how this will affect SLS because it might mean they’ll have to miss meetings where they’d normally be pushing the schedule back.

  2. “The Space Launch System is a powerful deep space rocket to transport astronauts to the Moon and beyond while Orion is the crew module.”

    And the Enterprise is the flagship of the United Federation of Planets.

  3. I would even settle for future tense: “The Space Launch System WILL BE a powerful deep space rocket…”

    Because so far, it hasn’t even gotten one inch off the ground under its own power.

  4. I got blocked by a NASA coworker, because I was sufficiently sadden by his temporary loss of a paycheck (just paid late) during last year’s government shutdown. In reality, I didn’t much care for his complaint about not getting a paycheck and open support for the being part of the NASA resistance. Now I see much of America will miss paychecks this month, but not many at NASA seemed concerned about this until those who actually work on the hardware can’t do so from home.

  5. Hey, don’t worry. We are very close to a HUGE paycheck to Boeing for their complete failure as a company.

    We are rewarding the wrong things, and setting up the wrong incentives.

    Let’s go back to trophies for the winners.

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