Bad Regulations

Yes, the best response next time would be to shut down the CDC and FDA. Even Cuomo admitted that the regulations were slowing things down.

[Update a while later]

Stop panicking over bad data.

I won’t be surprised to find out when this is all over that the mortality rate was one in a thousand.

[Update a few minutes later]

Ford is making ventilators from seat fans.


[Update a while later]

Sorry, first link is fixed now.

5 thoughts on “Bad Regulations”

  1. Well, the first link is taking me to Amazon for an HDMI cable. Mistake? Or is this that famous California humor at work?

  2. The media went from screaming about testing to not even mentioning it anymore. For the past three weeks, testing has ramped up to what must be tens of thousands a day or more. Hundreds of thousands must have been tested by now.

    Anyone seen any articles about the total numbers of people tested?

    It is useful to know how many people tested positive but it is also useful to know how many people tested negative. This is especially true since the media was making such a big deal about testing capacity for a disease that didn’t exist a few months ago. But telling us the testing capacity might make Trump look good, so there wont be much if any reporting on it.

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