9 thoughts on “Democrats Block The Bailout”

  1. If even a sizable fraction of lefty media (like the NYT) echo that sentiment, the bailout/aid is DOA. Why? Because now, if it’s passed, it becomes the Trump/Republican bailout/aid bill – and Pelosi wouldn’t tolerate that, because people might associate the checks they’d be getting with Trump. I also think Monday is going to be an even worse day on Wall Street because of this. If we’ve ever needed a reminder that, to many top Democrats, it’s all about power and to heck with the country, here it is.

    As a related note; we’re at high risk of losing the Senate and House. We already have a lot of members of congress either in isolation or tested positive. It wouldn’t take a big exposure to cause a slew of isolations, thus putting both houses below their quorums. No quorum means no congress.

    The answer being floated is allowing, if needed, congress to vote remotely during this emergency. Okay, that’s probably doable, but the rules change would have to be passed on the floor before that could happen – too late after there’s no quorum.

  2. On one level, it’s good not to get panicked into another 2008 bank bailout that rewarded those who let the problems fester. But this confirms that the Dems think of this as nothing more than another crisis that shouldn’t go to waste, and that there’s one medical procedure that so sacred that the Dems will sacrifice everything to protect it from any restriction.

    (I’m kinda amused that DeWine is using the Dem crisis play of using crises as an excuse to shut down abortionists in Ohio. The Dems need to be forced to live in the world they’ve created.)

  3. They’ve now changed the headline, just a few times. Now is some just some partisan disagreement, except it is the Dems voting against it. Schumer wants to kill babies on the front end, so that we don’t have to worry about them contracting coronavirus later. Pelosi wants to make those changes permanently in a temporary emergency bill, because why waste a crisis when you can make it much worse.

  4. The US press is centered in NY, which is now “ground zero” for the infection. The one thing that really really counters partisan pandering is actual fear for one’s life. After 9/11 the press went totally Patton for at least a year.

    1. No…. My impression was they went totally “Finland” as in how Finland stayed very, very “neutral” during the Cold War. As in trying not to do anything that would annoy the Russian Bear — that kind of “neutral”.

      I had the impression that they were afraid that random New Yorkers would cross the street to punch their faces if they got too open with their “It’s all Our fault and the terrorists are blameless” shtick.

  5. I’m enjoying the meme that Pelosi impeached Trump for withholding aid to the Ukraine and then withheld aid to Americans. If this keeps up, the Democrats are going to be begging us to get out of quarantine. Personally, I’m starting to push the notion that the President should furlough non-essential civil servants. They sure screamed a year ago during the government shutdown about their paychecks, but now they are “all you have to do is sit at home on your couch, why can’t you do that? Do you care more about the stock market than lives?”

  6. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be bailed out. So far the only cost is a few extra groceries that I’ll use up eventually. People that lose jobs or have a long lay off are in a different category. You can be sure that they’ll be at the end of the line.

    What will happen is that every bad bet that anyone made in the last five years will be transferred to the tax payers. If the airlines didn’t know they were in a volatile business, they should probably go broke. Somebody will buy the planes. What they’ve been doing is going into debt to buy back stock to bribe the markets into overlooking that they are barely a bad winter storm away from bankruptcy.

    Do you really want to pay to layup those floating piles until everyone has forgotten how completely helpless they are once they’re out of sight of land and how useless the cruise ship companies are.

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