6 thoughts on “Factory Farms”

  1. Want to kill lots of humans? Cluster many humans in a concentrated urban area and wait for the next epidemic. So, by the same logic, Ban Cities! Go Rural!™

    Isn’t it simple to solve the world’s problems?

  2. “Conservatives in turn should be careful not to reject sound arguments just because they come from the mouths of liberals.”

    Yes, I was immediately skeptical of this op-ed pushing propaganda where the well being of humans isn’t a moral consideration.

    I wish the people proposing this stuff went out and lived off the land for a while and reported back with ways to feed billions of humans with what they learned. I doubt they could feed themselves.

    1. The “Killing Fields” of Cambodia was such a success that we want to stop large scale commercial agribusiness, right? (/sarc, if it is needed)

  3. If there’s one publication I go to for farm policy, it’s “National Review”. This, assumes that 80% of the population wants to take up farming like it was 1900. Or we could let starvation balance the population.

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