Remaining U.S. Hospital Capacity

A hard look.

I’m unlikely to be killed by this thing, but I don’t want to even get it, let alone be hospitalized.

[Wednesday-morning update]

Why that doomsday scenario is likely way off.


[Wednesday-afternoon update]

Bob Zimmerman doesn’t think that this will overwhelm our national hospital capacity. Though it does seem to be doing so in New York city.

One thought on “Remaining U.S. Hospital Capacity”

  1. Robert Zimmerman has some good points. The difference between the Wuhan Flu and the regular flu is that one was spread out over time and the other is hitting all at once. Also, seriously ill patients take longer to recover and require more specialized care.

    New York is getting hit especially hard and new cases reported today represent the situation a few days ago. It would be useful to know how many people are being tested in total and not just those sick.

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