Believe All Women

Does Joe Biden believe Tara Reade?

[Update late afternoon]

How brave of the #MeToo Legal Fund.

Yeah, let’s take these people seriously.

[Update Saturday morning]

Will Biden live up to his own principles?

That’s a big ask; I don’t think he has any.


[Update a while later]

And the mainstream media remains silent.

Not surprising; they don’t have any principles, either, other than a will to power.

[Monday-morning update]

The Democrats and sexual assault: They never learn.


[Afternoon update]

Why are the media ignoring Reade’s claims?

I’m pretty sure I know why.

12 thoughts on “Believe All Women”

      1. Yeah. The last one was bad. Neil deGrasse Tyson played a wizard (they were travelling back in time to stop the sharknados before they started). His mysticism in that performance was pretty much indistinguishable from his scientific pronouncements in real life.

    1. Which one? They both work fine for me. One is Reason, the other is Dailywire. The first says that she accused him of sexual assault in 1993, when she was a staffer, and the next one says that the #MeToo fund isn’t going to support her.

        1. I cannot, as I’m not a subscriber. I was mostly amused by the article’s title, which appears to be a classic example of a theory being refuted by events before it is even announced.

        2. With most paywalled sites, a simple adjustment of Javascript settings is enough to read the text, but it appears Reason actually hired people who are aware of that.

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