5 thoughts on “A New Netflix Series”

  1. A review I saw described it as “almost as dumb as Trump’s actual Space Force.” There’s not a single actor in it I care to watch, or ever did care.

    1. Ditto. Especially Steve Carrell, whom I have always found to be like nails on a chalkboard. That has been true of most of the alleged “funnymen” and alleged comic actors of the last five decades excepting only Jay Leno, Stephen Wright, the late Sam Kinnison and the SNL casts from the original cast through the Murphy-Piscopo era, excluding Chevy Chase.

      I quit TV cold turkey, without withdrawal symptoms, when I went off to college in 1969 and didn’t reacquire the habit – other than an occasional early SNL episode viewed on someone else’s TV set – until the early 80’s. In the interim, the ghastly Norman Lear had led the charge of introducing leftist political correctness into seemingly every sitcom and much else besides so, other than a bit of MTV and some dramas – notably the Star Treks – I didn’t watch much TV on a regular basis even after having a set available in my living quarters for the first time in more than a decade. The majority of my viewing was movies on VHS.

      Sitcoms, especially, I have found almost uniformly unwatchable since the 60’s. The only exceptions were Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23 – which was cancelled after a single season – and the first two seasons of Speechless, after which the writing took a sudden turn for the worse.

      I’ve watched only occasional snippets of what I take to be the three most popular sitcoms of the last three decades – Friends, Seinfeld and The Office. Horrendous. I am a major Lisa Kudrow fan, but based on her movie work, not Friends.

  2. The source material is going to be difficult to maintain comedic, unless this is just an Office makeover with brass and ribbons. I give it one season. Netflix purchases in advance.

    The one I REALLY wanted to see one season of was Defying Gravity. With that ‘little extra’ in the cargo hold. Never made it past Season 0.5 (started as a summer replacement show, didn’t make it past the summer and all the episodes didn’t air on network TV). ..


    Yeah I could watch it on Amazon Prime. But I’ve had issues with Amazon Prime vs my credit card. Not eager to relive that.

  3. Our Army and Navy didn’t roam the entire world either, until after WWII.
    The Moon would be good for gravity well and dispersal of assets.

    1. What? During the Age of Sail the US Navy had ships in all sorts of places from the Caribbean to the Orient. They didn’t have the manpower or presence of the larger powers, but they were certainly there doing things. Often during this period the US Navy and the British navy tended to cooperate more often than not on issues overseas.

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