One thought on “Space Policy”

  1. On Facebook I’ve seen two reactions to the EO on space commerce (which seems to be for the most part a reminder that the 1979 Moon Treaty was a failed attempt to regulate human access to all extraterrestrial objects): a general distrust of “exploitation,” and fear that Moon mining would significantly reduce lunar mass and jack with the ocean tides. I also left this comment:

    The Apollo sites offer an interesting opportunity: they have immense value as tourist attractions, but only if the sites are undisturbed. I have my own brainstorm of what that tourism would look like: hotel(s) several miles away with wide-angle binocular platforms for viewing the sites, and a single line of railroad track delivering a viewing platform to maybe 100 yards of the outermost footprints. I would think that the hotels and the end of the tracks would want to be situated where the sun is not within the 90-degree field of vision when viewing the sites; I’ll run my brainstorm by some space aficionados and get their input.

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