The Campaign Has Started?

It seems too early for this. They shouldn’t be running ads like this until he’s the formal nominee; this could put the DNC over the edge in deciding to find another candidate.

[Afternoon update]

Dump Biden: The Democrats want Cuomo.

They should be careful what they wish for. Before this all happened, Cuomo probably would have figured his best opportunity was 2024, but if Trump looks beatable by convention time, he may be willing to accept a draft.

7 thoughts on “The Campaign Has Started?”

  1. The DNC and Biden have shown no reluctance to go after Trump. One can not expect Trump not to start returning fire if the “official” primary process is all but over. Sure, the Democrats could choose someone else in rigged parliamentary procedures, but that would cause more problems than it solves. The least of which is having Trump crow about how he knew Biden was a loser before the DNC did.

  2. Were I a DNC shot caller, Captain Whatshisname from USS Theodore Roosevelt would be my pick for Biden’s running mate/replacement. The only catch is that the Navy might not let him retire in time to get on the ballot.

  3. Biden as compared to Hillary is worse.
    How could you find anyone worse than Hillary?
    I think Joe Biden is your answer.

    One might assume that the reason is the Dem choose
    Biden was because he appears to be the worse choice as compared
    to Hillary Clinton.
    Four years ago I would not have imagined Joe was a worse choice
    as compared to Hillary, but in the fours years it appears Joe has deteriorated more than Hillary.
    And now Joe would be rationally and easily removed as President in accordance with the 25th amendment.
    So, it seems electing a person who is constitutionally unqualified to be President is worse, than electing someone who “might” not be removed by the 25th amendment in her first term as President.

    Or in terms of deep state, I think the deep state would chose Joe, as the random destructive thrashing of Hillary has a minor threat of damaging the deep state.

    If your sole and obsessive interest is to weaken the Presidency, either Joe or Hillary works. But either deprive the people a choice of who they want as President.
    You could say, it make easy to choose Trump, but I would want a real choice.
    Now, one could imagine, that when voting for Biden, “what you are *really* doing is voting for who ever is the vice president on the Dem ticket”.
    That seems to be the direction the Dems are going, but I think it would be a lot better if Dems remove Biden, and pick an actual President and Vice President to run against Trump at their Convention. And if they pick Hillary as either President or Vice President that would be better, than Joe as the first zombie President.

    1. … better, than Joe as the first zombie President.

      Second zombie President. Woodrow Wilson as the first one, at least during the last year of his second term.

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