4 thoughts on “The Food-Supply Chain”

  1. I’ve been meaning to lose a little weight. Looks like it will happen regardless.

    Welcome to Venezuela North…

  2. I used to watch as semi after semi full of carrots drove by during harvest. They were being dumped in huge windrows in fields for sheep to feed on. What was wrong with them? they were too big and couldn’t be sold. Not to worry, some smart johnny came out with a lathe that machines these oversize ones down into baby carrots. Some of the swarf ends up as shreds in bags, the rest is still livestock feed.

  3. Once we make it through this (and I currently see no reason why we can’t… so far), we have got to make it culturally permissible, or even commonplace, for individuals and families to prep at least to the same degree that the average family would prep in centuries past.

    1. The government doesn’t want anyone to be prepared. It makes it to hard for the government to make us dependent on them. Many cities have limits on how much a person/family is allowed to store at home. And the socialists/communists/other totalitarians frequently call for more laws limiting how much of what can be stored. They also insist on calling being prepared hoarding. This helps them convince the sheep to go along.

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