The Flynn Case

Byron York: The big thing we still don’t know about it. Anyone who wants to continue to claim that Flynn lied to the FBI should be demanding this document. Unfortunately for them, the available evidence doesn’t support them.

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What is Joe Biden hiding?

I’m surprised that Stephanopoulos pressed him on this. Have the DNC decided that they need a new candidate?

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Some questions for Judge Sullivan, needing answers.

At what point does Sidney Powell appeal to a higher court?


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How the Obama administration shattered the rule of law.

Though to be fair, they were only completing the job that the Clinton administration started.

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Nevertheless, Sidney Powell persisted.

In my book, she’s lawyer of the year.

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Jonathan Chait’s cockamamie blackmail theory about Michael Flynn.

The lengths to which these toadies will go to twist themselves into logical knots to defend their Messiah Obama is breathtaking.

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8 thoughts on “The Flynn Case”

  1. Asking Biden in a friendly interview allows them to say its been debunked and old news. The clips are already being suppressed so that the narrative can’t be contradicted.

  2. I wonder how many defense lawyers hammering away at this will make the FBI catch up with the 20th Century. Surely there must be some wire recorders somewhere that could be made functional.

    The standard everywhere else is no recording; it didn’t happen.

  3. “Have the DNC decided that they need a new candidate?”

    This is an interesting question. The DNC knows better than anyone else what anyone who pays attention knows as well: Biden is a doddering, demented old man who doesn’t know where he is half the time. He can’t possibly be considered as someone to put in charge of the proverbial “button,” the trigger for nuclear war – at least not by any sane person. The people at the DNC may be irrational, but I doubt that they’re insane.

    Maybe a better question is: if a party has, at this late date, been unable to find a better candidate than Biden, how can that party possibly be trusted with governing the country?

    1. Biden is the perfect vehicle for the party to use. Progressive marxist policies and staffing can be made while decision making is ddecentralized. All of the party people will be free to abuse their power as they see fit. Biden will approve anything but also nothing. The media can’t ask him questions because he doesn’t know anything but should events catch up, he is expendable.

      It is the perfect opportunity to have a figurehead to shield the party from what they will do to the federal government.

  4. Looks like Flynn scored an “iudex hostili” who sees no problem opening his court for anyone with a beef with Flynn to enter a complaint. The trial that keeps on giving. It’s rare you score TWO branches of government persecution. All he needs now is a contempt of Congress citation and a call for Sgt. at arms to place him under arrest at the Capitol to go for the trifecta!

  5. The last link is dead on and it touched on something that I haven’t seen addressed. Where did Powell get her information? She is an experienced lawyer who knows what questions to ask but she frequently asked for things that she wouldn’t have known about unless someone inside the DOJ had told her.

    It could be good investigative work on her part but there could also be whistleblowers in the goverment spilling the beans.

    1. It is quite the coincidence that Flynn was originally defended by a law firm that included an Obama ally? Wonder if there was some conflict of interest. And while I was reading about the above firing of the law firm, I read this interesting and very anti-prophetic quote:

      Flynn’s decision to shift legal teams is a mistake, said Peter Zeidenberg, a Washington defense attorney and former prosecutor in special counsel Pat Fitzgerald’s CIA-leak probe.

      “This is a very foolish thing to do. Flynn’s lawyers had positioned him to get probation for a single count of false statements. Given what he was facing, that is remarkable. It will go downhill from there,” Zeidenberg said.

      Flynn “simply cannot do any better than that, under these circumstances,” he added. “If he tries to withdraw his plea, he is going to get pummeled. Unless he has gotten some signals that he may get pardoned — always a possibility — this makes no sense.”

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