2 thoughts on “John Brennan”

  1. The latest plan to subvert an election is the COVID-19 hoax. I expect by the 2nd week of November, the coronavirus problems will likely be “solved”.

  2. Guess what happened to John Brennan for spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee?

    If you said “Nothing,” go to the head of the class and collect your gold star.

    Nothing happened to Brennan for spying on U.S. senators.

    If he could get away with that, what else could he get away with?

    Spying on the media for one. The Democracy Dies in Darkness crowd rolled over pretty fast when it came to Obama spying on them and were very defensive on Obama’s behalf when he persecuted dissidents like the Tea Party. But I guess Trump called CNN fake news for participating in a coup and we are supposed to be upset about this unprecedented breach of decorum rather than Obama and media’s unprecedented coordinated abuse of powers.

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