5 thoughts on “Truth Over Facts”

  1. Well, if we had gun control, maybe Biden would shoot his feet less often.

    I wonder what sort of train wreck we’ll see for the Democrat nomination in 2024. There’s a lot of crazy people out there with ambitions.

  2. Now all you Trumpists, don’t get all Trump-y on me for saying this, but Biden is in reality “Trump Lite.”

    I mean many of the elements are there, including the bombast, making stuff up as you go along, the picking fights with everybody and everything.

    The problem is that the Democrats wanted to “put all of this behind us” with some kind of “return to putting the adults back in charge.” Kind of like the Monty Python sketch about the British election pitting the Sensible Party against the Silly Party.

    Mr. Trump is obviously representing the Silly Party, which was a thinly disguised Tory or Conservative Party in that sketch, but Mr. Biden representing the Sensible Party? C’mon man!

    I mean, who ran as a Democrat who would reliably and realistically represent a kind of Global Technocratic Order Normalcy? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

    So when I say Biden is Trump Lite, I mean it in every sense of using the spelling “Lite” — less calories, less of everything, a kind of pale, watered-down imitation of the original, which in the case of the consumer product Bud Light, is a watered-down version of a product, Budweiser, that at least beer snobs regard as already watered down.

    I mean if you want “that style” of political leader, why would go with Trump Lite when you can go with Trump?

  3. We need a new Federal statute that would require that any “news” organization that adopts a “narrative” form of reporting must register as a lobbyist under threat of civil forfeiture.

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