It’s About Time

If this is true, it means that all restrictions about being outside are counterproductive, in that people aren’t getting enough vitamin D, which is apparently prophylactic. You know, like Adolf Whitmer’s dictate that you can be in a boat as long as it doesn’t have a motor, or being able to surf but not swim. It probably also means that sporting events are safe if not in enclosed environments. If it takes more than two hours or so, movie theaters are probably OK as well, and so are restaurants.

The cases of prolonged exposure we’re seeing are nursing homes (thanks, Andy and governor of Pennsylvania!) and factories, particularly meat packing, where people are at close quarters for long periods of time.

[Update a few minutes later]

This also explains high rates of infection aboard naval vessels, but because sailors tend to be young and healthy, also why most haven’t gotten sick. It also means that it was dumb of NASA to restrict viewing at the Cape of the upcoming crew launch next week. It’s probably perfectly safe to gather on the beaches and causeway.

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  1. Regarding sporting events, this in today’s wsj is a riot: 2020 baseball rules. No throwing around the horn after an infield put out, no conversation between infielders and baserunners, no batboys or ball girls, no spitting (LOL), no sunflower seeds, no tobacco. Written by Jared Diamond with the famously hilarious picture of a grinning Jose Altuve standing next to Aaron Judge.

    Some of the stuff would fit right into an SNL skit. Each pitcher will have their own set of balls to use in the bullpen. Hitters can’t use the indoor batting cages and batting practice pitchers must wear masks. Players will be told to wait until they get home to shower. Pregame exchange of lineup cards will go online only.

    It reads like the Babylon Bee.

    1. As I have written previously, there’s no need to hold an actual season. But for the sake of continuity in the records, we can all agree on the non-controversial stipulation that the Cubs won the 2020 World Series.

      1. And as I previously suggested, since we’re having a fake season we might as well reward the series trophy to the Montreal Expos. Unlike my beloved Cubs the Expos, in their entire franchise history, never got a series win. Only seems fitting this year. Fake season, fake team! N’est pas?

        1. If we are going with losers that never won it all, then how about the Pilots? Then, finally, Seattle would have a Series win, and the Mariners could keep their futility streak intact.

          “Non-controversial”? Chicago’s NL team doesn’t deserve the Series win they just got, and ideally will go through the rest of the century without another.

  2. Rand, it’s not Adolf Whitmer, it is Gauleiter Gretchen — we went over this, before.

      1. I want a gau, just like the gau, who ran my dear old State of Michigan into the gau.

  3. Don’t forget that most of the folks working at packing plants are poor or are illegals.

    Quite often, these folks live in crowded apartments or other homes, often 4-8 in a 2 bedroom to save money. This adds to the viral load when one gets sick. It may not just be working conditions. Likely it is also (and possibly primarily) the Living conditions.

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