4 thoughts on “Sidney Powell Strikes Back”

  1. It’s clear Sullivan wants a perjury conviction and will do what it takes to get there. Flynn needs to hope he can stay out of jail while his conviction is appealed. It’d be nice if the Appellate Court granted Powell’s writ but I’m not expecting it.

      1. No it’s the reason for Gleeson. Sullivan I presume is expecting Gleeson to submit an amicus brief in support of a case of contempt of court because Flynn by revoking his guilty plea after testifying under oath that he willfully lied to the FBI in essence committed an act if perjury during the trial. No indictment is needed when someone perjurer’s themselves in court. Sullivan is baking a layer cake of process crime.

        There is enough malfeasance in this trial that Powell will no doubt move for a quick verdict if her writ of mandamus is not granted because there’s a mountain of grounds for appeal.

        Regrettably yet another example that the process is the punishment.

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